Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall fun

Well, Nick and I had a nice weekend, we went to Lake Pepin to enjoy the fall colors. Here in Minnesota we are at peak colors right now. I must say it was a nice diversion, the waiting can be very stressful, when it comes to our adoption. We ate our way around the lake . There are lots of small towns around the lake, one half of the lake, is Minnesota, and one half is Wisconsin. We also bought some pumpkins at a cute farm, I plan to make some pies. I just wanted to say we are still around, I plan to talk to our agency in a couple of days, so I will post soon after that.
Until then Ursula


  1. the waiting is very hard...hang in there. It will happen!

  2. You should be getting your court date very soon....I think you came back from your trip and than we went right after you so it can be anytime....