Sunday, January 9, 2011

Now we wait

Last week was a very high stress week. We had a couple of documents that expired, and one last new requirement. We ran all over town, back and forth to the Secretary of State. We ran over to Fed Ex Friday late in the day and explained that we needed the documents to be shipped as quickly as possible. they proceeded to tell us they could have our documents in Russia by the 20th of January. Now call me crazy, but 2 weeks to deliver an envelope seems really slow and this was the express service!!! Thank goodness we thought of DHL, we drove like maniacs to the airport location during evening rush hour to get it out asap. Unlike Fed Ex they could get our envelope to our region in 4 days. We needed to get our last documents to Russia no later than the 12th, the Russian government has been basically shut down for the holiday season and reopens on the 11th. We are really hoping that we receive a speedy court date. Nick and I celebrated that we got everything done. All together we had a total of 85 separate documents for our region!!!! I hope we hear something very soon, until then we wait.