Saturday, September 4, 2010

State Fair and Adoption

Well, Nick and I went to the Minnesota State Fair the other day and had a blast.
There were pigs, cows, sheep, and you name it. The fair is the second largest fair in the country, Texas is #one. Almost all of the food is on a stick and most of it is deep fried, we ate everything by the end of the night, I was in a food coma. My favorite gastronomic delights were the Cheese Curds, Deep fry ed Veggies with tempura batter, and the Crepes W/Brie, almonds, and cranberries. I wanted to try the Chocolate covered Bacon on a stick, but I was to full by the time we got to that booth. We walked through the midway where they have all of the old rides and carnies, that never fails to entertain us. But my favorite attraction is Princess Kay of the Milky Way, she is the reining Dairy Princess of Minnesota. The lucky gal who is voted princess kay gets her head carved out of a block of butter, this is a 58 year old tradition. My mother was Princess Kay in the 60's, and yes she had her head carved in butter. I enclosed photo's for your entertainment, yes that is me in the oink hat and Nick in the midway. On the adoption front, I was at my agency Friday going through all of our Dos#2. We have to redo almost everything because it has all expired. I wanted to cry, but I am choosing to look at this as a challenge. We are still hopefully going to court in November or December, I am keeping the faith.

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  1. I just found your blog and can not believe you haven't been able to return to Russia yet. I'm so sorry this has been so difficult. The paperwork is such a pain. After 3 plus years for us, we did some redoing too!

    It was so nice meeting you in the airport in Moscow :) I hope you get to return soon and be reunited with your little girl.