Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Oh Great... a longer wait

Ok, today was a bit annoying. I called my agency today to see if the couple who were going to our region on their first referral trip, along with delivering our dossier, had made it there safe and sound. Yes the couple is in Russia, and yes our dossier made it there, (I can't thank them enough), but the coordinator for or region has quit after receiving another job offer and will be moving asap. I asked how long will it be until there will be a new coordinator to fill the position? I did not get a straight answer right away. However after pressing for more info one of the women at our agency said at least another 2 weeks!!! Great.....WT%* does that really mean? I guess we will wait and see what happens. I am just frustrated because I pushed so hard to get everything done with our dossier in a quick and timely manner hopping that the process would be expedited. (please don't laugh at the implausible idea that anything can be expedited) I want to be officially waiting. I am trying to find my zen happy place, oh well tomorrow is a new day. I need a vacation. Ursula

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