Monday, February 14, 2011

What to pack

Ok, I need advice on what we should bring on our trip, for our little boy?
Thank you, Ursula


  1. Pack a couple of pairs of gently used pajamas for the plane ride home. If they get soiled from a dirty diaper you don't feel so guilty about tossing them in the trash on the plane!
    I also packed a snow suit for Ava- they dress their children with extra clothes - better to have too many layers on him than to have Russian women comment as you walk by them! It happened to us in Moscow.
    I know you are so excited. I am very happy for you and your family. Keep me posted on news from Stavropol.
    Thanks, Donna

  2. Hi! I have been following your blog for a while and am so happy you are heading to court! As a mom to three russian cuties...the last we have had for exactly 2 months today I would love to give you a list but tell me what is the age of your little guy?

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  4. He will be 11 months old Sarah. Because we were not given an abundance of time to pull this trip together, I haven't had the time to get all of his stuff together.

  5. I would bring a pacifier or two, some kind of rattle, a toy with a mirror (CJ loved to look at herself), teething rings/toys, and a blanket.

    So excited for y'all!

  6. I'm here in Moscow heading home tomorrow. I've been with the babe (20 months old) for a little over a week now. Our most used items include
    -disposable bibs
    -stacking cups
    -a book (we read it over and over)
    -stuffed animal (they gave us back the one we left)
    -they sell diapers and all baby things you need but I packed a package of diapers to take up space and prevent myself from over packing stuff I didn't need
    -few pairs of clothes + laundry soap for sink washing

  7. Make sure you have a warm cap/hat to fit his head. As someone said they do overdress the babies and really want something snug on the head!! I know it's hard, but try not to over pack. Everything will be so new to him just a few toys will keep him entertained for a long time.
    Good luck and have a GREAT time!

  8. Ursula, so exciting! Have you brought him an album of pictures of you guys and the dogs and the house? Sassy makes cute albums for babies. It was the one thing our little girl was holding 2 months ago when we came back to get her. I assume your coming home for the 10 day? here are some thoughts for the trip back with your little guy.

    The gerber dehydrated fruit snacks are great (she really loved the apple. They disolve in the mouth and are tasty.
    -there are a ton of great organic baby foods in pouches now. Our little girl loves the Peter Rabbit and Ells and plum brands. There is plenty of baby food there but she gobbles these up. Here favorite is Spinach peas and pear....I wish I had some of these in Russia with me.
    -the umbrella stroller and the baby bjorn are really needed. Even in the snow the stroller is great during appts and airports to have somewhere for the baby to be and play or rest. Be warned bring a garbage umbrella stroller not your nice one. I have found the baby bjorn makes our little girl so happy. At first I owuld have her stapped to me all the time. We went sight seeing wiuth her strapped to me.
    -Make sure the snow suit you bring is warm, with a good hat that goes under his chin and gloves...I found some with the string so they don't get lost. They really look at how you dress them. I just always added that extra layer there to keep everyone happy. Not fun to hear but even the boys wear tights every day right now. Sigh. I know.
    -11 months is so young. He will be so happy to have the attention. He will eat it up. I agree you won't need that many toys...he will be more interested in you guys. Bring few outfits that will wash well. Buy the diapers and wipes there and the majority of the food.
    - another thing I have found helpful is counting out the money for each exspense and putting it in its own envelope ie driver, medical exam, visa. It really helped me know how much I actually had left. Best of luck and enjoy this wonderful time!