Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Crazy Journey

OK, I am going to start from the beginning.
November 3rd we got the call, about a little boy, who was 3 1/2 years old, our agency emailed a photo of him and some medicals. We had to really think about this referral, because he was in our old region, and in the same orphanage that our last, lost referral was from. After much discussion we decided to go and throw caution to the wind. We left two day's after thanksgiving, met the little boy, spent alot of time with him, and sent his medicals to the University of Minnesota. Unfortunately he was not the right fit for our family, he had some issues that we were not ready or able to deal with. We had to decline this referral after traveling all this way again. My hope is that another family will adopt him.

We then decided to spend some extra time in Paris. 3 days in the city of lights to be exact, and it was a greatly needed detour. We have not had so much fun in such along time. We really needed the vacation together. I find myself getting so wraped up with the whole IA process that I tend to loose focus of life around me.

We got another referral on our way back from Paris!!! So 3 days after we came home I had to turnaround and fly right back to Russia without Nick. We luckily had applied for a double entry visa. This referral was perfect for our family, I spent a week with him, I took tons of photos and video, and sent his medicals to the University of Minnesota. My trip back was interesting. Challenging is how I would best describe my return trip home. I was one of the many people who got stuck in Amsterdam. I was stuck on the runway for 7 hours before being let off the plane from a stairway in the runway. There were no gates left to pull the plane into. When we finally got into the terminal the lines to rebook were thousands of people long and nobody to help, they then left and said they would be back in the morning. Nick had been on the phone with Delta all night rerouting and changing my flights as needed because they kept canceling the flights. He got me booked on the flight that was not cancelled in the morning, the only one I might add as the other three were cancelled overnight. He routed me through Detroit and then to Minneapolis, he even had to rebook my ticket from detroit while I was in the air because we were not going to make the connection, so when I got to Detroit everyone else was stuck but I had a first class ticket to MSP. Thanks to Nick not Delta I arrived home safe and sound. As a side note, Delta gave us nothing for the trouble and charged us a change fee. It could have been so much worse, it took some people a week to get to there destinations from Amsterdam.

When I got back, Nick and I set up an appointment with the doctors at the U of M. We are very lucky to be in Minneapolis and got to meet with Dr. Dana Johnson. Dr. Johnson is the head of international adoption clinic and has a wealth of knowledge about children who have lived in institutions. I feel that we got very direct information on what challenges we might be facing down the road, But in general he said everything looked really pretty good. As PAPs we have very few advocates. Your IA doctors has no other motives but to help you and your family in this process. They are your only real advocates!!!!. We received the green light in regards to our referral. I really hope this little boy works out and we get a court date ASAP. We had all of our paperwork done so I hope after the Russian holiday we will get a court date. I want everyone to know that we are very excited about the baby. However, as those of you who have been following our blog are aware we are really guarding our hearts. At this point anything can happen in regards to Russian adoptions so we are hoping for the best.
We are wishing everyone a happy New Year!!! I enclosed photos of Paris and Russia.


  1. Ursula,
    Best wishes for a very Happy New Year. It is so good to hear from you. I pray that all works out well for you, very soon.

  2. Wow what an adventure. Glad you were able to stop by Paris, loved it there when I visited a few yrs ago.

    Happy New Year and hope 2011 is wonderful for you!


  3. I hope 2011 brings you all that you have waited for!!!!! It sounds like your time has come and before you know it, your son will be home where he belongs! Best Wishes and Happy New Year!

  4. Wow what a journey. You sound like a proud momma already, moving heaven and earth to get to your little guy. Praying everything works out and court will come soon.

  5. Awesome news, Ursula! After all you've been through I couldn't be happier for you both!!

  6. So happy to hear this! I hope for a speedy court date for you all! Thanks for the prayers too! We are all hoping for things to happen quickly after the Russian holiday! :)

  7. Hi Ursula, I was hoping you might email me ( I have a couple of questions I wanted to ask privately about Stavropol...